Chaotic… Here we come…

Life goes from busy to psychotic at the flip of a switch, naturally with no warning what-so-ever. Thanksgiving blurred into Christmas and without even a breathe, we are now moving out of our house, a rental, no thanks to the owners deciding to abruptly sell. This hectic schedule has become a strange new way of life. SO just to make it ready stand out, why not throw a new pet into the mix.

The newest Andrewartha..

The newest Andrewartha..

My sister always says, “Go Big or Go Home” and it’s funny how much I emulate that statement. All the “spare time” I had before has blown out the window along with what little sanity I had left.

With that, I apologize for the delay of writing this next post which is only about 3 months overdue.. I can honestly say that over the last couple of months so much has happened that I have plenty to say to amuse myself and hopefully keep my brain from completely crashing into a babbling pool of slime.

As for now, my new focus in life is to keep a bouncing (seriously, she thinks she is part rabbit), stubborn (and part human toddler), chewing, barking, digging, swimming, happy pile of puppy love from getting out of the house while packing, shifting, lifting and relocating items from one house to another. When I moved here we had very little. After one short year of being here….. where the hell did all this stuff come from? Seriously I have no idea how we managed to obtain so much stuff… x8 people… even Matthew’s daughter has things here.. This is going to be very interesting indeed. So my next adventure seems to begin. Time for a little house hunting.

I am considering contacting a TV network and pitching our life as a reality show to fund this crazy operation!


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