To Cut or Not To Cut……My hair that is…

I get the “What were you thinking, moving here all the way from New York?” a lot. Moving to Australia, the first thing people pick up is my accent even though, I’m pretty sure they are the ones who have it. I tell them all…. it’s just another part of my adventurous life.. Tell that to my hair!

Like any child, my mother took me to her hairdresser. Everyone grows up and gets older, and so does your taste in style. You get over your mother’s “Old School” stylist and move on to one of your own. I’m one of those people who really hates my hair the same for too long. Because of this I regularly change my hair. Since High School I have either had my style changed, or my hair dyed/frosted/high-lighted, whatever, about every 3-4 months. Bangs being the most fun… The tedious growing out the bangs, only to cut them in frustration when they hit that certain length. Each hair-cut would be one frustration after another, because I would never stay with the same hair-stylist twice. They would always do at least one thing I didn’t like and I would move on. I would even, on occasion, go back to my mother’s stylist only to realize why I stopped in the first place. It is the challenge of a lifetime to find someone to be happy with. A hair-dresser soul-mate.

Then comes college… where no one has the money to get an expensive hair-cut. Your to busy making what little money you can so you can drink it away at some bar your friends all like hanging out in. So either it’s never cut, or you hand the scissors to a friend who “has cut hair before”, which is always an interesting fashion statement, to say the least. I can remember my friends and I all sitting around one day  in the middle of the Frat house my boyfriend (at the time) belonged to, just cutting hair. The guys just lined up and sat down. I found out I’m not too bad at it. No one left with a bald spot, at least not a noticeable one. Ha ha ha

As your patience and the years go by, you finally manage to find this one amazing hairdresser, who cuts your hair twice and moves to the other end of the damn country. You get that 6 month bliss of having great hair and then it’s snatched away from you, without even a notice. You just call to make an appointment one day, and they inform you she has moved on and your quest has to start all over again! UGH!

Now, I have a 14-year-old daughter of my own, who through most of her childhood, kept her hair short. She was taught that if she was not going to keep her hair out of her beautiful face, and take care of it properly, then it was to stay short and manageable. So finally at 12, when I was sick to death of seeing it short, I convinced her to grow it out. We made a pact to grow our hair out long enough to donate it for cancer. Mykalyn has this amazingly thick flow of medium red hair. The highlights are all natural, even though I have been accused many times of streaking it. And her curls… They are lively, big, fluffy and soft. The hair all of us straight girls dream of.

A few years ago, in the midst of looking for a back-to-school trim for my daughter (and still not finding a suitable place to keep my business), I decide to walk into a fast-cut place. $12.00 for a kids hair-cut. Typical to any other fast-cut salon, they had 15 different stations, with 10 different hair stylists on duty and they were banging cuts out like an assembly line. My faith was still shattered from the last terrible hair-cut (that cost me $75 and I left in tears) and my anxiety level was at an all time high. Now I know what your thinking… seriously… it’s just a hair-cut. But in my not-so-normal world, it’s just one of those things I feel I need to have the control over. Some people have an obsession with their car, others may need their desk at work to be just sooo. Mine is my hair.

Mykalyn’s name is announced, jolting me out of my dazed confusion that is a busy salon. Almost completely drowned out by the hair dryers, and the obnoxious chatter of the girl sitting next to me on her cell, planning some hot party. So I look up to see where this voice is coming from, and my heart skips a beat. This adorable girl with this perky little voice calls her name again. I’m serious… it was like a sign from above. She was shrouded with bright light and a halo and I could even hear the faint sound of an organ off in the distance somewhere. And that was it.

She cut Mykalyn’s hair to perfection. So much so, that I sat down next and I didn’t even need anything. She proceeded to fix the $75 hair-cut from the week before and did both our heads for half the price of my last. My love affair with my hair had gone to an all-time high. And to top it all off, she has now branched out into her very own salon so I know she isn’t going anywhere. And cancer causes are very near and dear to her as well. She has lost her mother to cancer and from the stories she tells me about her mom, she was a wonderful person. Kristen, my favorite hair stylist, is a master of her trade and I have never cheated. Who would want to when you have the perfect stylist. Compliments became a part of my world and I was never shy to share my secret. My quest was complete. I was one very happy girl.

And…… bang. We up and move to another country. In the 9 months we have lived here I have not gotten even so much as a trim. It is so long now, I could probably donate it twice. I have trimmed Mykalyn’s a couple times so she doesn’t get split ends, but that’s it. Matthew laughs at me every time my hair is unruly and tells me to just go get it trimmed. I just glare at him and he laughs even harder. I give him the same answer every time…. “My stylist is in New York… If you’re not careful, I’ll leave you for her!” Lord, please help me find some money in our budget to book a flight home so I can get my HAIR CUT! I’m not sure if I can handle the hunt for someone new… again. UGH!


If you have a special person who provides you a service you can’t live without, feel free to share and don’t forget to tell them you can’t live without them! 🙂


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